Swimming Pool Maintenance, Repairs & Remodeling


Experience & Commitment

At All Clear Pools, we have 40 years of experience in the industry including 25 years of working on the most sophisticated systems and equipment used in commercial and residential swimming pool and spa applications. Our extensive experience includes working with advanced chemical control feed systems, ultraviolet (UV) and ozone systems, and the most cutting edge filtration systems.

We work continually with the city and county of San Francisco to ensure that our customers’ systems meet or exceed all current city & state requirements. Our goal with repairs is to employ our extensive problem-solving skills to minimize our customers’ downtime. We continue to build on this expertise and are fully committed to keeping our customers’ swimming pools and spas clean and safe.

Pool and Spa Electrical Qualification Testing (PSEQT) Certified

One of the growing and most critical concerns with swimming pools andspas is electrical and underwater lighting safety.  Maintaining electrical safety in pools and spas requires knowledgeable, trained service technicians. At All Clear Pools, we have the skills that enable us to offer electrical safety testing for our customers. This is one more way that we help to provide a safe environment for our customers and their pool and spa users.

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