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Owner Harley Savate grew up in the swimming pool service industry in the San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles basin. His father Sid was a pool serviceman and one of the founders of the original Independent Pool Service Association (IPSA) in 1961. IPSA and Cal-IPSA merged in 1988 to become the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc. (IPSSA) which today has over 3600 members(www.ipssa.com). Initially formed for the purpose of pool service technicians banding together to help one another in times of illness or disability, and to develop a code of ethics, IPSSA was the first organization of its kind in the country. 

Sid focused on high-end residential swimming pools, many of them owned by movie industry professionals, the medical professions, and the LA higher echelon. From a very young age Harley learned the skills and commitment that made his father’s business a success. 

At All Clear Pools, Harley has built upon his father’s pride in business ownership and quality of service. His efforts and attitude have earned him respect from his peers, and raves about the service he provides to All Clear Pools customers.

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